SimpleCopier  v.

A straightforward Photocopier software SimpleCopier allows you to : * Apply multiples effects on the documents * Change size of the documents * Export as PDF * Email with resizing * Fax * Work on one or multiple documents at once!

Copy-it Lite  v.

Copy-it Lite turns a PC with attached scanner and printer in to a photocopier. Selectable number of copies (1 to 99). Support for two paper formats: Letter and A4.


ICopy  v.1.48

iCopy Free Photocopier is a freeware and open source application that lets you combine your scanner and printer into a powerful, but easy to use photocopier by only pressing a button.

Scale-Ruler  v.1.1.100310

Do you get drawings that were originally drawn to scale, but because the drawing has been reduced in a photocopier or fax, the drawings are at an odd scale?

VeloScan  v.1.0.032

Multi-user, client-server, document scanning, OCR, workflow & case management. Store & retrieve millions of documents, workflows & cases. OCR in over 50 languages. Use your existing computers & photocopier/scanner. Handles TIF, PDF, PNG &a


M-Minder reminds you of important events at computer startup. After viewing the list of events to remember for this day, the software removes itself from memory preserving system ressources. It will not run again, unless the computer is rebooted or it is

ECopy Desktop  v.

eCopy Desktop enables office workers to easily and efficiently capture, edit, share, and store scanned documents in PDF form.

EasyScan  v.3.0

EasyScan is an easy to use application for flatbed scanners. It has Twain interface capabilities.

SimpleSizer  v.1 70

Convert and resize your pictures and photos with a few clicks !! Quick and easy! Ideal for webmasters Unique ability to resize with a maximum kilo-bytes target!

SoftStart  v.3.0

Provides a quick and easy way to launch applications from the keyboard without using a mouse.

Lanic  v.1 3

Lanic is a tool for voice communication between computers connected to a Local Area Network using the TCP/IP protocol. Its operation is comparable to a classic intercom.

Lama  v.1.0

Lama is a simple application to exchange short mail messages between computers on a local area network. The network protocol used (TCP/IP, NetBeui, IPX...) is irrelevant since the software will work with any connection protocol. Sent and received

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